Parotia  – transcultural dance

Premiere Nov 19, 8pm – further shows Nov 20/21, 8pm

at Schwere Reiter, Dachauer Str. 114, 80636 Munich

directed by Léonard Engel

with Gizem Aksu, Angelo Petracca, Lisa Stertz

costume by Josa Marx, realised by Christin Wanke with fabric from Weberei

music by 9T Antiope

light design Matthias Singer

production management Miria Wurm

TRAILER by Sebastian Kiener

BERLIN WHIRLING Session, Wednesday, December  8 2021, 6.30-9.30pm

at Studio 2, Mime Zentrum, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

Registration via email: mail@lisastertz.com

or via WhatsApp +491590525481

Payment: 25€-10€ sliding scale 

Whirling (Dervish) is an ultimate form of self-healing. It is a practice in many cultures, named to be the first dance of us humans. It is healing in its motion through whirling up and out bits of our baggage that no longer serve us to find peace within. Thus bits of freedom join you every time you spin.

This is a 2G event (house rules)!

Open to everybody and all levels. No-one turned away.


Lisa Stertz: The Body WithIn

Manoah – Bewegungszentrum, Urbanstraße 118, 10967 Berlin


8 slots | Oct 8 - Dec 10 2021 | Fridays 9.00-10.30am

Registration by email via mail@lisastertz.com 

or WhatsApp via +49 1590 52 54 891

Capacity: 10 participants

DropIn 5€

Regular class 15€/10€     

Whole course 100€/60€

»The Body WithIn« is a journey, that puts attention to the/a body as a tool for communication and creative output. As a performer and teacher, I use techniques and methodologies that shaped my making. These include dance, (internal) martial arts, meditation and performing as a practice.