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(Dervish) Whirling is an ultimate form of self-healing as it deals with the physical, emotional and mental body simultaneously. It is a dance of ecstasy as well as an intimate prayer. Every Whirling session is thus a journey deep into oneself and a practice collectively shared.


It is an active meditation through its repetitive movement. The centrifugal power that is at play when you whirl helps you to free yourself from emotional, physical and traumatic baggage. You can release what no longer serves you to find peace within. This way joy and freedom enter you, every time you spin. 

For current classes and other activities click on my events page.

I will start giving one-on-one classes, so we can adjust any teaching/training to your personal needs and interests  (foot work, strengthening the hip, spin on spot, spinning with a skirt, working with the torso off axis, working with the head etc.)  –  Interested? Message me!



Berlin Whirling Workshops are designed to introduce participants to the world of whirling. Likewise they allow people, who have whirled before, to deepen their technique/s and insights while whirling. Berlin Whirling is a blend of physical movement and mindfulness, mysticism and meditation and offers you to learn how to spin like a Dervish.


General course of the workshops:

  1. Opening Circle to introduce oneself to other participants

  2. A short Introduction on the history and philosophy of Dervish Whirling

  3. A guided Meditation to help participants center themselves and cultivate inner awareness before embarking on the physical practice.

  4. Physical Preparation to learn about the practical aspects of Dervish whirling and be taught how to achieve physical and mental stability in order to spin for a long time.
    B R E A K

  5. The Whirling SessionEnter a full whirling session, guided by music, that will lead you through a warmUp and the whirling experience itself.

  6. Inner Journey: Dive into your inner self as you whirl, discovering how this practice can lead to self-awareness and a closer connection to the divine.

  7. Landing meditation: End the whirling session with a meditation to help you ground yourself.

  8. Q&A and Discussion: talk about your experience, ask any questions you may have.

Whether you are interested in the spiritual aspects of Sufism or simply curious about the dance of the Dervish, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore a centuries-old practice, where body, mind, and spirit unite in a harmonious dance of devotion and self-discovery, spiritual awakening and inner peace.


These workshops are open to all levels. No prior experience is necessary. 

Curious? Come and check it out! 🌀
Here is a video from the workshops 
in Berlin's Studio2 at Kunstquartier Bethanien.

Upcoming dates:


Sunday, June 9, 2-7pm
Sunday, July 14, 2-7pm

Sat/Sun, Aug 10/11, weekend workshop and sema

Sunday, September 1, 12-6pm

Sunday, October 13, 12-6pm

Sunday Workshops (5h) are currently running on a sliding scale between 95-65€.  


Due to demand these workshops will be one hour longer as of September 2024.

If you are interested in joining a workshop, but cannot afford it at the moment: Please contact me, so we can find a solution together! ;-)

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