...are monthly classes to learn about that dance and form of meditation simply asking to turn around oneself – seemingly endlessly.

Current Dates:

Sun, May 29 2022, 12-5pm, Studio2
Sun, June 19 2022, 12-3pm, Studio2
Summer Solstice Session:
June 21 2022, 10pm-open end, location tba
Weekend Workshop w Ziya Azazi:
July 2+3 2022, 12-6pm, Studio2

Whirling (Dervish) is an ultimate form of self-healing. It deals with the three realms of the body – the mental, the emotional, and the physical one – simultaneously. It is a practice in many cultures, named to be the first dance of us humans.

It is healing in its motion through whirling up and out bits of our baggage that no longer serve us to find peace within. Thus bits of freedom join you every time you spin.

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