September 2022: assemble

performance alongside Gabi Blum in the frame of the express exhibition "U Can Take", DG Kunstraum, München

July 2022: Biesenthal Dankefest

performing with and for God is God

June 2022: Confessed Murmur

performance in conjunction with Bagua Master, artist and healer Yunuen Rhi in the exhibition "Sauna Confessions" by Viviana Druga, Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin/Neukölln


May 2022: Parotia – gallery format

transcultural dance performance adapted to a gallery space by Léonard Engel with Gizem Aksu, in the frame of "Out of the Box #1" curated by Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Montag Modus/MMPraxis, HOTO Gallery/Berlin

Dec 2021 – ongoing: Berlin Whirling

monthly teachings on (Dervish) Whirling in Berlin 

November 2021:  Parotia

transcultural dance performance by Léonard Engel with Gizem Aksu and Angelo Petracca, costume design: Josa Marx, costumes made by Christin Wanke, music: 9T Antiope, light design: Matthias Singer; Premiere: Nov 19 2021 at Schwere Reiter, München

August 2021: TodAncestor – dust till down

assistant to director Yuko Kaseki, DOCK11, Berlin


April – July 2021: Ästhetik und Erkenntnis

coordination of the XI. congress of the German Society of  Aesthetics (DGÄ); course of event and website


Dec 2020 – Jan 2021: The Sound They Make When No One Listens

artistic advisor for Thiago Granato dance production; public premiere August 19-22 2021, Tanz im August Festival, Berlin


February 2020: L_and Encounter

directing a 48h self-inquiry retreat during a research residency at Rumah Tangga, Jakarta


Sept 2019 –  Dec 2020: Institute for Aesthetic Theory (ZHdK)

Scientific Assistant at the Zurich School of the Arts; academic administration, coordination of exhibitions and events  


Jan 2019 – Dec 2021: Jahrbuch Medienphilosophie (yearly edition)

editor, published at De Gruyter 


August 2018: The Listeners

performing for social choreographer Ernesto Pujol in the frame of “Labor Europa”, Peace Hall, Town Hall Osnabrück


May/June 2018: The Heart Inherited

assembled research and performance presentation with Cristina Planas and Joana Moher in the frame of “22Cubic – Space/Object/Body”, MATERIC, Barcelona


April 2018 – now : Psych*O*pomp

research performance; performed at Tamago Gallery (Berlin 2018), Lìtost Gallery (Prague 2018), 6 8 2 1 (Cairo 2019), Rumah Tangga (Jakarta 2020), Grüntaler9 (Berlin 2021)


Jan – March 2018: Gender Shot

creation of a photographic project during a residency at Studio Ellen Luise Weise, Berlin


Jan 2018 – now: The Body WithIn

teaching my own movement methodology as either workshop or regular class at Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Young Urban Performance Festival Osnabrück, Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, Rumah Tangga Jakarta, Padang Bulan Yogyakarta


November 2017 : MOLT
sculptural performance, co-created and co-performed in collaboration with Hermes Pittakos and Federica Dauri; premiere Nov 9th 2017 at Buffer Fringe Festival, Nicosia/Cyprus; performed at No New Idols Festival, Riga 2019, and “Hacking The Computable”-conference, HDMK Stuttgart 2020


Nov 2016 – March 2017: TO

durational performance by invitation of Nikhil Chopra in the curation LUCID SLEEP, Serendipity Arts Festival, Panaji, Goa; and research residency with monthly performative presentations, HH Art Spaces, Goa, India


June 2016: Subject To Life

solo performance and research during a residency at Trumbullplex, Detroit/Michigan, USA


2014 and 2016: Performance Studio (SAIC)

Teaching Assistant at the School of the Arts Institute Chicago in the Performance Department, Chicago/Illinois, USA


July 2015: LOVE.

three-days performance series and solo exhibition; performed as practical part of the same-titled master thesis, SomoS Art House, Berlin


February 2015: FESTUNG/EUROPA

spatial choreography; performing for Moritz Majce and Sandra Man, Sophiensäle, Berlin


Sept – Dec 2014: Justified Beliefs

performing for Christian Falsnaes in the exhibition “Schwindel der Wirklichkeit”, Akademie der Künste, Berlin


2011 – 2013: Visibility and Visualisation

Research Student at the same titled interdisciplinary PhD program, funded by the German Research Council, University of Potsdam


Aug – Dec 2011: SLOW PIECES

creation of a solo performance cycle; questioning human needs and the being-in-the-world; performed monthly as a resident at Grüntaler9, Berlin


2009 – 2011: HEIMAT

research and performances with artist Maud Le Monnier, presented yearly at localize – das Heimatfestival, Potsdam


2009 – 2010: Culinary Cinema (60. Berlinale)

assistant to project manager; film programming, internal communication, coordinating and facilitating the screenings


May 2009: Drawing Memory IX

artistic employee at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts to assist artist Nikhil Chopra with his above titled performance, Brussels


Stertz, Lisa: LOVE. — eine Projektarbeit zur Feststellung, dass Liebe nicht erklärt, sondern nur erfahren werden kann. Akademikerverlag, Saarbrücken 2016

Sternagel/Mersch/Stertz: Kraft der Alterität — Ethische und aisthetische Formen des Performativen, transcript Metabasis, Bielefeld 2015


As editor:

Mersch/Mayer: Jahrbuch Medienphilosophie, De Gruyter, Berlin (ed. 5, 6, 7)

Mayer, Michael: Melancholie und Medium. Das schwache Subjekt, die Toten und die ununterbrochene Trauerarbeit, Passagen Verlag, Wien 2019 




July 2013 – May 2016 M.F.A. in Fine Arts Studio, School of the Arts Institute Chicago (under a Fulbright Grant and a New Artist Society Scholarship)

Oct 2010 – Sept 2015 M.A. (with distinction) in European Media Studies, University of Potsdam 

Oct 2004 – Mar 2009 B.A. (excellent) in European Media Studies, University of Potsdam





Since 2011 Butoh Dance under Yuko Kaseki, Valentin Tszin, and Yumiko Yoshioka

Since 2016 Internal Martial Arts (Baguazhang under Yunuen Rhi, Taiji Quan under Lingji Hon, Qi Gong under Ali al-Sarraf)

Since 2019 Dervish Whirling under Ziya Azazi