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Lisa Stertz is a German artist and educator, who works in the performative and healing realms. Through her studies in media, philosophy and art she became both, a savant and a maker. Lisa's interest in movement based practices led her to be a sojourner of Butoh, Baguazhang, Taiji Quan,  meditation and Dervish Whirling. She produces, performs and teaches mainly in Europe and Asia. Lisa currently resides in Berlin.


Through life I have come to realize that several existential questions will run through every human entity, no matter where they’re from, what they do, who they “think” they are, and where they want to go next.

My work is centered on human communication. I aim to remind us humans of being human and to make this innate knowledge an "a priori".


I am a mover. My body is my medium. For me movement is intrinsically a language, a way of expression and of reaching out.


When I perform, I build places of encounter, where people get involved, feel (into) themselves, and become aware of being alive – being a part; not apart. And when I teach, I create spaces of trust and togetherness, where any body is welcome, can feel at ease, meditate, reflect, contemplate, rest, and heal.


I advocate peace over borders, possibilities over problems, equality over hierarchy, common sense over competition, appreciation over differentiation and so forth. I stir upon us being here as a collective, and upon the fact that we as many can build the world we would like to live in and we would like to see our descendants in.

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